Basic Medical Science

The BMS Labs acquired broad collections of new medical tools to collect, analyses, measuring and visualize data. General BMS laboratory sessions are comprehensive study of the medical fundamental basics. The labs which include many branches of the medical courses such as anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, chemistry, biology and physics, are equipped with the necessary and modern lab facilities. We have chosen the equipment and materials which meet all requirements of our students for their practical classes and their trainings. BMS Labs are provided with all the required, safety and suited equipment to achieve all the required experiments, such as modern microscopes for biology, excellent and detailed anatomical models for anatomy, ECG and safety materials technique of blood groups for physiology and instruments of quantitative and qualitative measurements for chemical analyses and physics experiments.

Our labs have designated to be enough for 15 – 20 students (no more) for each practical session. Otherwise the labs are established with comfortable pinches and student’s chairs, fume hoods, smart boards for data show and deep medical sinks. Student’s performance will be evaluated and assessed by qualified instructors. Mobiles, eating, drinking are forbidden in our labs.